Ein Gedi Hotel – Boutique Wing

Nature has never pampered you like our boutique rooms will pamper you. The finest rooms offered by the Ein Gedi Hotel include huge windows and balconies facing breathtaking views or manicured gardens.
Our luxury rooms provide each of our guests a rare glimpse into the secret world of wildlife from within a protected environment bringing tranquility and enjoyment to your body and mind.

Here you will find a completely private spot for people who don’t want to give up luxury, while enjoying the wonders of the lowest place on earth. They offer a large bed, sitting areas, private balconies, spectacular scenery and an abundance of serenity, found only here, the lowest place on earth.
You are invited to select the room that is most appropriate for you and, together with the staff, plan a vacation of nature, culture, indulgence and pleasure.

Special Offers in the Boutique Rooms

Special offers, themed weekends and surprising treats

חדרי בוטיק

Boutique rooms

Here you will find detailed information about the variety of luxurious rooms that we offer, so you can choose the room that will provide you with the best experience.

Ein Gedi Boutique information

For your convenience, useful information that will enable you to plan the best vacation.